JSC “Data House“ has implemented EU sponsored project under the measure of “Idea LT”

Published: 2011-11-28

JSC “Data House” has just implemented EU – sponsored project called “The preparation of Technical Feasibility Study for creating web – based architectural solution for insurance companies”. The project was financed by Regional Development Fund under the measure of “Idea – LT” (“Lithuania – Operational Programme 2007 – 2013: Economic Growth – the priority of R&D for competitiveness and growth of business“).

  • The project was launched in 2011 January 3rd
  • The project was finished in 2011 October 31st
  • The total value of the project is 138.000,00 Lt

The final outcome of the project is a developed Technical Feasibility Study.

The main objective of the Study was to explore the need of web – based client architecture insurance business management system in the Central Asian and Eastern European markets and discover the opportunities of entering those markets. In order to complete this, the Company has carried out the study of target markets and analyzed the key insurance business processes of interest: personnel management, communication management, financial management, sales management and other subprocesses. Also, the Technical Realization Feasibility of the project Analysis has been prepared. It has shown that the Company has all the capabilities of such product design and, also, the draft product development plan was prepared. JSC „Data House“ has gained valuable experience in research and development field and is already using it for futher research and development plans of the Company.